Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stephy Tang's limelight is stolen by Samantha Ko

Stephy Tang, Alex Fong, Samantha Ko, and Tiffany Lee, etc attended to the press conference of TVB's charity show 善心滿載仁愛堂. Wearing a deep-v dress, Samantha Ko became the center of attention and stole Stephy's limelight.

Samantha said, "This outfit is arranged by the company. I didn't know it will be this sexy." Said she took Stephy's limelight, she said Stephy is nice and is her senior, shouldn't say something like that. Asked whether she will make her body as a selling point like Chrissie Chau does, she said, "I look upon to my company's arrangement." Asked whether she will earn money using her body? "There are many ways to earn money, like filming.

Stephy Tang exposed Alex Fong praised Samantha Ko's body

Stephy expressed she wasn't jealous of Samantha's body, understanding it's genetic. As a female, she would want to take a look, too. She said, "I never want them (big boobs) desperately. Instead, I think a little smaller is better. Because I like to exercise, when I see those with big ones, I rejoice that mine aren't that big. I'm satisfied at the moment!" (Samantha said you are her senior?) "I dare not. Alex Fong is closer with Samantha, and he always said she is 'ging' (勁, she is implying Alex said Samantha has a great body)." Alex next to her cleared up immediately that he was only praising Samantha is 'ging' (勁) because she is hardworking.

[Takungpo & Mingpo, K]


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