Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kevin Cheng will lead "Forensic Heroes III", netizens attack

"Forensic Heroes" will be back with 3rd installment. However, based on TVB's recent sales presentation, known leads Bobby Au-Yeung, Frankie Lam, and Yoyo Mung, etc are gone. Instead, Kevin Cheng will be the lead this time. Even Charmine Sheh, who is Kevin's rumored girlfriend and also one of the female leads from the previous installment, is out, too. From the presentation, it seems the new installment will feature Mandy Cho, Leanne Li, and Vivien Yeo, etc as female leads.

"Forensic" is like a trademark of Bobby. His absence already upset many people. Many netizens commented on the discussion forum and some even said "Forensic" without Bobby and Frankie is like "The Academy" series without Ron Ng and Sammul Chan; it's hard to interest the audience. Others doubt, "Maybe it's tentative. It's impossible to left out Bobby because he's the trademark!"

Reporters contacted Bobby's manager for confirmation and she frankly said, "No one contact us for anything." (Kevin Cheng will lead "Forensic"?) "Maybe they think he's more suitable. I think it's better for you to ask the producer."

[Singtao, K]


OMG this is really unbelievable ??? How can TVB blindly take out all the main leads for this drama ? If they wanted to promote Kevin Cheng so badly then I suggest they tailor-made another drama for him. DO NOT SPOIL the good drama like this "Forensic Heroes". Bobby, Frankie, Yoyo & even Charmaine should remain in the casts....without them nothing is interest me or I can say most of the audiences. In other words let's do not waste time watching this drama ......

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