Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wayne Lai prepares himself to win TV King

TVB artistes are all preparing for the Anniversary Awards, including Wayne Lai, the hot favorite for TV King. He hired two stylists and has been working out and doing facials in beauty salon to prepare himself for the show. "I lost 16lbs in total and now I weight 145lbs. Waist measurement is down to 30in from 33in. I also have chest muscle now!"

In addition, he expressed if he wins, he will definitely thank Catherine Tsang, "People think thanking her is flattering, but it's not true. She cared about me a lot. It was Catherine that made me return to TVB when I left in 1998." When he attended to an event for the Anniversary Awards, seniors Liza Wong, Eric Tsang, and Natalis Chan all came to Wayne for group photos. This should make Wayne very confident in winning TV King.

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