Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Samantha Ko singles Jessica C., pushes up chest to the maximum

Mixed race model Jessica C. and Miss HK Samantha Ko attended to two different events yesterday and "fought" with their chests (34C vs. 34D). Jessica, whose chest is suspected to be fake by Japanese models, appeared in white shorts and tank tops to Harley Davidson's press conference. She seemed to be mad when heard about the suspicion, "Can't control what others said. They should ask me if they have questions!"

On the other hand, Samantha Ko, who appeared in a court gown to a collection event, supported hers are gifted, "I'm natural! You all know." (Are you embarrassed being this sexy?) "No, it's all safe." (Took all the attention from Ana R.?) "Don't say that, I think she's pretty even before I entered the showbiz business." As for being photographed shopping together with Skye Chan's younger brother, she laughed and said, "He isn't her brother, he is the friend of her boyfriend. We shopped together because there was discount!" (She introduced him to you?) "We're just friends at the moment."

[The Sun]


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