Sunday, December 6, 2009

Michael Tse denies being black face

Lost award to "Chai Gau"

"Laugh Gor" Michael Tse and "Laughing So" Fala Chen appeared in mall for an event. He was still very excited for winning "Best Supporting Actor" and is grateful to be acknowledged; he didn't feel the award is too late.

Some reports pointed out that Michael's face turned black when he knew he lost "My Favorite TV Male Character" to Wayne Lai, Michael denied, "I was smiling, not black-faced. They [magazines] had their own point of view. It doesn't matter, I'm still happy." He is currently filming a new series and doesn't have time to celebrate with family, "Hoping to work more and get more, work is arranged to June of next year. I hope to have time in January and travel with wife. She doesn't have to buy me a gift to congratulate. I'm happy even if she just gives me a glass of water."

Fala Chen wants to have an award

Fala expressed frankly that she really wants to win an award. Said she didn't even earn an award for sacrificing herself by exposing bra in "The Stew of Life." She said, "I don't think it's a sacrifice, instead I gained more support from male fans." Netizens pointed out Tavia Yeung didn't qualify for winning 2 awards, Fala supported her good friend, "I didn't read relevant criticisms. But she's qualified to win and I support her!"



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