Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sheren Tang: Do netizens know how to watch dramas?

New TV King Wayne Lai attended to a TVB event in Olympian City. As for Tavia Yeung is criticized by netizens that she won 2 awards even when she is not good enough, Wayne openly supported Tavia, "Should give more opportunities to newcomers, award is an encouragement." (TVB supports her but actually harms her?) "I know she tried very hard. Give her some time." Michelle Yim, who was always present at the event, supported Tavia, "Have to wait on a line to celebrate with Tavia." (But her acting is criticized.) "It's not important to win an award. She is a good actress in my heart. No need to mind whether you won or not." (It harmed her?) "Sheren is too good this time. Tavia did a good job, too. They should both win."

In addition, TV Queen Sheren Tang, who appeared in another event, also expressed to give more time to Tavia, "Netizens support, look down, praise, and criticize in extreme ways. I don't want to reply; I don't want to give them more power. In fact, do netizens know how to watch dramas? What are the standards? I hope they would give more rooms of improvement to every actor/actress in an encouraging way, not critically. If not good enough, can be better in the future."

[Oriental Daily]


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