Thursday, November 26, 2009

Myolie Wu: love first, then sex

Myolie Wu was filming MV for her new single, "靈魂伴侶" ("Soul Mate") in a hotel and appeared in a low-cut tank top. The Mandarin version of this single is penned by Myolie and she expressed want to bring up the love views of modern males and females, "For males, it's sex first, then love. I'm just like a typical female, love first, then sex." Asked has Bosco Wong comment the song, she replied embarrassingly, "No, we're both busy."

In order to present the idea from the song, Myolie invited two models to guest-appear. They were half-naked and had to hug in balcony. Myolie said they were a little embarrassed. Asked whether she will sacrifice for art like Tang Wei did, she said, "Depends on the script. But my body cannot be compared to Tang Wei's."

[Oriental Daily]


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