Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stephy's bra top vs. Miki's back

Old colleagues Stephy Tang and Miki Yeung appeared in East Trim Sha Tsui for a Christmas event. The windy weather caused some awkward mess. Exposing her back, Miki stole the lime light and was attention-grabbing, but Stephy "fought back": her bra top under her shawl exposed when she raised her arms to fix her Santa hat.

Stephy expressed this sort of count as the first time they appeared in a same event after Mikki left, "We don't see each other often before. It feels special working together like this." (What about if she's Theresa?) "No problem! We're just earning money, of course there's no problem." She also expressed she always want to take a break. But since there's a chance to earn in Christmas, she will keep on receiving jobs.

[The Sun]


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