Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ah Sa & Ronald Cheng Announce Divorce With Tears

After they split, rumors of Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Ronald Cheng were married popped out. Yesterday they held a press conference at 9PM for this issue. Nearly hundreds of media came to report. Once the two arrived, they first let reporters to take pictures of them, then Ronald spoke first,

"Marriage is a fact. We made this decision happily in 2006. We received support from both parents and got married in Los Angeles. These past years, I and Ah Sa both believe this is our private matters, no need to announce it to everyone. And we both agreed to handle it this way. (Looking at Ronald, Ah Sa nodded her head). I know others had guessed about our relationship and continued to report inaccurately. This made us believe there is a need to explain everything. This is the first and last time we will explain to everyone!"

"We lived very happily these past years of our marriage. During this period, we both grew up and understood more about each other, and found out that break-up is a better choice for both of us in the future. So recently when we announced our break-up, we actually made this decision thoughtfully. This decision is a fact! I stress one more time, our break-up didn't involve any third wheel, nor it involved in anything others reported!"

"I believe our divorce is the question others will continue to ask about. We're handling it right now. We will do everything we are required to do. Even though...(Ronald was choked with sob, his tears fell, Ah Sa patted him lightly on the shoulder.) Even though we couldn't become husband and wife (sobbed), but we (sobbed again) did have a very happy time. We'll be friends forever in the future (wiped his tears with tissue). Thank you everyone! Hope everyone will give some personal space for us, thank you!"

After he spoke for 4 minutes, Ah Sa spoke,

"From the beginning, dating Ronald, marrying him and now breaking up, we both have consensus to do every decision. And it's our decision. We decided to get married, and received support from family and friends. So we always think this is our own matter and didn't choose to tell everyone about it. This is our privacy, really want this to be our own little secret!"

"Although we're artistes, but we still think artistes should have their own privacy. But in fact...(started to cry) in fact artistes cannot have their own privacy! Causing this incident to involve other people (cried again), involved different people and other things! Never choose to publicize this because we agreed to protect our relationships, us, our family, but now it harmed many people, and I don't want this to continue. So today I explained this to everyone. Hoping everyone will give more space to us, we are still friends. (Ronald looked at her and Ah Sa nodded). Hope we'll live in a pleasant life in the future!"

After Ah Sa spoke for about 3 minutes, the two stood up and bowed to the media off-stage. They left together in the end. The whole conference lasted for about 9 minutes.

In addition, EEG's Mani Fok expressed the company didn't know about Ah Sa's marriage and even divorce: "We didn't know about it. This is artistes' private life. We never interfere with anything. Anyways we hope Ah Sa to have happiness."

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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