Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anti-Xiao Xiao Bin Group Formed on Facebook

Source: Facebook
Written by: KAY

Xiao Xiao Bin rose to fame with his role as Xiao Le in "Autumn's Concerto." His cute smile and innocent performance gained him many fans. His popularity increased and appeared in many talk shows, other dramas, and TV commercials. His overexposure to the public made others sick of him and don't like how he's always so mature, speaking things not a 5-year-old should. An anti-Xiao Xiao Bin group called "I Hate Xiao Xiao Bin The Most" (我最討厭小小彬) was formed on Facebook and more than 6000 people had joined. Xiao Xiao Bin's pictures even pictures of his father, who is also a well-known child actor in Taiwan, have anti signs on top of them.

Although certain people don't like him, the group starter also wrote in his description: "Although some people don't like me but don't verbally attack me~" Seems even netizens have freedom of speech, but they shouldn't attack maliciously.


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