Monday, April 26, 2010

Edward Ou: I'm The One Who Upsets Fan Zhi Wei

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: KAY

 Lately Fan Zhi Wei exposed that he's disappointed that Cyndi Wang didn't give him her virginity, and Fan judged Cyndi gave it to her ex-boyfriend. Liberty Times received an exclusive scoop saying that "boyfriend" is Edward Ou, once famous for his role as Qing He in "Meteor Garden." As for this report, Edward admitted yesterday: "That's right. I'm the one who upsets him (Fan)." But he denied "touching" Cyndi, and in contrast said Cyndi's first night taken by Fan.

Edward accepted an interview from Liberty Times and said: "I'm Cyndi Wang's first love." He said they broke up after dating for 2 months. As for Fan said he tried to commit suicide for Cyndi? He said vaguely: "Maybe I was trying to retrieve our relationship, and blurted out about commiting suicide." As for did he ever self-harm himself, he said it was a long time ago, he doesn't remember.

As for Fan said he took Cyndi's virginity, Edward cleared up: "I really didn't touch her (sex), at most kissing." He thought Fan using the point that Cyndi has an ex to judge she's not a virgin is wrong. Edward speculated that after Cyndi broke up with him, she dated Fan; timing was very close that no other boy was involved, so Cyndi's virginity should be taken by Fan.

As for the reason why he and Cyndi broke up, Edward explained: "I got set up. A girl from our school came to my room and Cyndi met her there, that upset her a lot." He felt very sorry for Cyndi. As for Cyndi never admitted he's her first love, he spoke for her: "Maybe because she got popular, can't admit in order to protect herself. Besides I hurt her quite badly before, it doesn't matter." But he said: "After I watched the news, I really want to beat Fan Zhi Wei. I think he has a problem. He should stop after he exposed their photos."


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