Monday, April 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohah Throws A Drink At Ex-Girlfriend Sam Ronson

 Over the weekend the troubled actress reportedly went so far as to physically attack Sam at one of her gigs in Trousdale in Los Angeles on Friday night.

At 1:30am, Ronson posted to her Twitter page the following message:

"Just got a glass thrown at my head. ... Hmmm - wonder who did it?"

A witness revealed to the NY Daily News:

"It was ridiculous. Sam was sitting at a table, and Lindsay came up from behind and tossed an entire drink at her. Sam looked livid but just let it go."

The partygoer added:

"Why people even let Lindsay inside their establishments anymore is beyond me."

Earlier that evening she was also spotted downing drinks at Chateau Marmont. But what's pushed her over the edge?

Sources reveal that LiLo was drowning her sorrows as she just found out that she was fired from her upcoming film "The Other Side", after producers decided that she wasn't "bankable."

But it seems as though LiLo may actually have realized this time that she was in the wrong and has some serious problems. Late Friday night, she posted to her own Twitter page:

"Last night - never again - believe it or not she's done with the club scene i've learned my lesson - sometime's it just takes a glimpse of reality."

Although her pledge to ditch the club seen appears to have been short-lived. By Saturday evening she was seen headed into the Chateau Marmont at 2am.


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