Sunday, April 18, 2010

Louis Cheung Is Unbanned By TVB

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY

It's known Louis Cheung was popular among TVB's producers. He never say no to any job, and his actions established a good image. After being "refrigerated" (banned) for 43 days, Louis was finally unbanned by TVB. He attended to the filming of variety show "民峰學院" as guest. Yesterday around 2PM Louis suddenly appeared in the dressing room. Reporters asked him how did he break the ice, he expressed that it's just what outsiders have been talking about. In fact he's busy lately recording new album and handling other business. Few days ago he was notified to be the guest of this show. Asked did he ask TVB why he's unbanned this quickly, he joked: "No, maybe because I'm obedient. I'll do whatever jobs TVB arranged for me. (Did TVB arrange other shows for you?) Maybe attend to Jade Solid Gold. (How does it feel to be reborn?) No No No! Where does reborn come from when there's no death? People have been saying things but I never thought too much, I just want to do the best to my current jobs."

Who is the person Louis wants to thank the most? He said: "Of course TVB! Actually I'm trained over these years being in the showbiz. I learned how to face everything with an unbiased heart. (Did you make contact with Stephen Chan?) I SMS him sometimes."


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