Sunday, April 18, 2010

Michelle Yip Wins 'Best Supporting Actress,' Exposes Sad Stories

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Michelle Yip won "Best Supporting Actress" in the 29th HK Film Awards with film "Accident." Before she went up to the stage, her tears were falling already. he hugged director of "Accident" next to her before she walked to the stage. When she was giving her speech, she recalled her sad stories: "A director friend of mine once told me, Michelle, no one will ask you to be the female lead in their movies! I was very dispirited. But in HK Film Awards, whether you're the main lead, supporting actors, or extras, even a piece button or screw is very important!" Besides thanking the team of "Accident" and producer Johnnie To, who persisted Michelle's role in the film, she also thanked her old company TVB. Everyone was clapping when they heard that, even Miriam Yeung, who was the presenter of the award, was smiling.

At the end Michelle thanked the lead of this film, Louis Koo. She said: "I also have to thank my good friend Louis Koo. His excellent performance made this film grabbed more attention. Although he's not here tonight, but I see you."

Michelle was calmer when she returned to backstage. She expressed she didn't plan any celebration event, but said her winning was very surprising: "When I started my movie career, many outsiders doubted my acting. I really have to thank Johnnie To and Louis. Too bad the two aren't here tonight, but I'll remember them forever. Winning this award is a big encouragement to me. Doesn't matter what the role is, I'm happy as long as I have a chance to act."

30-Year-Old Michelle stepped into the showbiz when she won the title of Miss International Chinese back in 1999. She starred in many TVB series as the female lead such as "Eternal Happiness." She left TVB to pursue her movie career and was nominated "Best New Performer" in 2005.


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