Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Kangxi' Celebrates Good Ratings, Xiao S Jokes She Doesn't Dare To Get Pregnant

Source: China Times
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Since January 1 of this year, CTV's "Kang Xi Lai Le" (康熙來了) is the average ratings winner (20-44 years old age group) among other talk shows aired at 10PM. The show held a celebration event on the 21st and CTV's GM brought presents to reward Kangxi's hosts and team. Xiao S joked she doesn't dare to have a 3rd child: "This show is out for 7 years now, but I only host for 3 years, the other 4 years I was pregnant and giving births!"

"Kang Xi" is the winner of the following categories: "Talk show ratings among the group," "Percentage of artists becoming famous," "Percentage of creating hot topics," "Percentage of interviewing big stars," and "Viewers' favorite show among the group." "Kang Xi" is among the top three in "Metropolitan Women's favorites," "Mainland netizens' favorites," and "Having the most innovated Units." Xiao S said: "Really have to thank viewers!" Cai Kang Young also said: "As long as Xiao S is alright, under Weizhong Ge's directing, and CTV's caring, we're happy doing the show, thank you everyone!"

Xiao S praised ratings of her show is always good, but she teased Chen Han Dian, who went to film movies like "Monga": "Do you know when you weren't here, ratings were super good. But once you returned, ratings dropped under 0!" This made Han Dian asked with worry: "Is it really true?"


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