Monday, April 12, 2010

Sharon Chan Plays A Prostitute In Upcoming Series

Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Kevin Cheng, and Myolie Wu etc. attended to the costume fitting for TVB's new series "怒火街頭".

Sharon Chan will play a prostitute in this upcoming series, always wearing revealing tank tops and shorts. She said: "It's a break through this time, never play something this bold. I play good girls often. This time there is a scene where I'll walk out without a shirt on. (Have to be especially sexy?) I have to wear provoking clothes to attract customers."

Because scenes will take place in Sham Shui Po, asked whether she worried about mistaken as a real prostitute, she said: "I'm prepared. I'll go to there to observe, learn more about it. I also bought Prudence Liew's 'True Women For Sale' as reference." She expressed she wore a nude bra to boost her chest yesterday. Reporters joked that it had a pretty good effect. She said: "I already have some qualities. I added a push up bra today because our producer wants me to have better effects."

First time filming TVB series, Sam will play a couple with Sharon. He said: "I'll play a social worker in the series. I really want to play this kind of character, because it's something new. My friends are shocked to hear about it." He also said that his pay this time equals to the pay he'll receive for as a DJ for two nights, but he wants to try to do things he want to do so it's alright.

Source: Singtao / By: KAY 


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