Monday, April 12, 2010

Kara Hui Is Currently Ahead In The Race of 'Best Actress'

First Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Kara Hui is nominated again in the same category with movie "At the End of Daybreak" According to reliable source, after two rounds of voting, she currently has most votes and a little bit ahead of Sandra Ng ("Echoes of The Rainbow") and Zhang Jinchu ("Night and Fog"). Although some judges haven't vote yet, but it's highly possible that Kara can win the same award she won 28 years ago! As for "Best Actor," the battle is between Simon Yam and Wang Xue Qi. But because Simon is nominated with two films, votes are scattered, making "Bodyguards and Assassin"'s Wang take the advantage.

Kara is picking the perfect dress to wear to the ceremony. She first went to try gowns in Central's Escada. Then went to browse some jewelries, but she still hasn't decide yet: "Still don't know what I'll be wearing. Maybe I'll pick a green gown, that color gives me luck! I have to thank so many friends who helped me. Wearing these expensive gowns and accessories boost my confidence." Kara once said it would be very meaningful to win Best Actress again. Although Sandra is a big rival since "Echoes of The Rainbow" won crystal bear award in Berlin Film festival, but Kara is still full of confidence: "I'm good friends with Sandra. I'll be happy whoever win the award. My character in the movie isn't quite mentally stable, it's harder to play. But still depends on the judges. Hope everything works out fine."

Voting for HK Film Awards is divided into two rounds. First round and nominees are voted by all registered voters and a selected group of 100 professional adjudicators. Second round are voted by 50 professional adjudicators and twelve executive Committee members of the HKFA, as well as members of the thirteen professional film bodies. This year's 50 professional adjudicators list include Charlie Yeung, Gillian Chung, and Amigo Chui, etc.

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY 


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