Saturday, April 17, 2010

Single For Two Years, Blue Lan Is Dare To Swear

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

Blue Lan's "P.S. Man" is currently #1 in ratings. His ex-girlfriend Da S' new idol drama "Summer's Desire" will join the ratings battle soon. Yesterday Blue joked: "That's good, fair competition, will watch if I have time." But whether will pursue Da S again, he said: "Impossible, haven't contact each other already."

Next month CTV & CTS will introduce new idol dramas, including Da S and Huang Xiao Ming's "Summer's Desire" and Ah Sa and Mike He's "Calling For Love." Blue is confident in himself. As for Da S's drama, he said: "I'll watch if I have time, but our Xiao Xiao Bin isn't weak!"

Yesterday he attended to a cosmetic event and was asked have he ever put on BB cream for his girlfriend, he said humorously: "I don't have a girlfriend when BB cream was invented." He disclosed he's been single for 2 years, but reporters didn't believe him, asked whether he's dare to swear? He replied: "I swear!"

As for the anti-Xiao Xiao Bin force, Blue said: "Xiao Xiao Bin's only 5 years old. If netizens want to tell him what they think, then do it in front of him, don't be this ridiculous." Xiao Xiao Bin will appear in nude in tonight's "P.S. Man," Bianca Bai will be there to take a bath with him. Xiao Xiao Bin said happily: "Because there are many toys and bubble, so I'm very happy, this is how I take a bath with Ba Ba (dad)."


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