Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spoiler Alert: Ending of 'A Fistful of Stances'

Goo Yu Cheung (Kevin Cheung) and Wing Man Kwan (Jacky Heung) are equally matched. Yu Cheung vomits blood and his master Leung Cham has to quit the fight for him; Leung Cham then died of heart attack. Man Kwan wins the title of "Fist King of 7 Provinces," but when he is on the train to Shanghai, lower part of his body suddenly feels paralyzed.

Everyone gets together to go against Wing Dek, but Wing Dek kidnaps Ah An (Natalie Tong), etc. to threaten others. Fortunately everyone stands up and testifies him. Wing Dek goes crazy when he heard Fong Fong (Angela Tong) calls him 'cheng gai min.' Yu Cheung hit Wind Dek with his palm and Wing Dek is imprisoned, but Wing Dek still unwilling to tell where Ah An is. He injects tranquillizer to his wife Ah Chu (Kara Hui) until she goes insane. Man Kwan's sudden appearance tempts him to expose Ah An's location, and Man Kwan notifies Yu Cheung and everyone else to rescue. Wing Dek is betrayed and commits suicide.

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY


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