Sunday, April 25, 2010

TVB Series 'Fly With Me' Is Accused Of 7 Things

Although it only aired 5 episodes, but many netizens and viewers are already criticizing TVB's new series "Fly With Me" (飛女正傳) of copying other shows and movies.

No. 1: 99% alike
Plot and promotion clips of "FWM" and Uma Thurman's "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" are very much alike. Janet Bin (played by Ada Choi) is just like Uma Thurman in the movie, usually appeared in normal attire, OL look, but they will gain a perfect body and face and super powers after transformation.

No. 2: 95% alike
Janet Bin in "FWM" has super powers and can protect others without any weapon, which is similar to characters in "Hancock" and "Superman."

No. 3: 90% alike
The scene where Janet Bin used her hands to block bullets is just like the classic scene in "Matrix" where  Keanu Reeves did the same thing.

No. 4: 90% alike
The look of silver-haired doctor, played by Moses Chan, is exactly like the lead in Japanese manga "Black Jack." Also, Janet Bin's outfit is accused of copying Maggie Cheung in "The Heroic Trio"

No. 5: 85% alike
The scene where Ada an her uncle are talking in the hospital is like the scene where Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung were flirting with each other in "Days of Being Wild"

No. 6: 85% alike
Janet Bin in "FWM" got her super powers after falling off from a building, just like Catwoman in "Batman 2"

No. 7: 85% alike
Janet Bin received super powers because of genetic mutation, which is similar to Spiderman.

As for netizens' accusations, Ada replied: "Stories about super heroes are usual like that. But we added elements of Hong Kong women in this series, it's something different. However, netizens reacted means this series generated response." Moses felt his character's hair might be similar to character in "Black Jack," but sure that they didn't copy  it. Kenny Wong said: "I personally think there are many scenes where we paid special tributes to classic scenes. But if others have to think like that, it's ok, as long as everyone is happy watching it!"


TVB's been accused of copying lately, but seriously, come on, ppl have been making shows for such a long time, it's hard to when it comes to creativity, they glamorously say "we take reference," but yeah it really mean "we take that idea and make it our own."

well everyone copy something not only TVB cus in world they copy each other so it not a big deal and TVB is AWESoME that make a drama interesting and fantastic haha

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