Sunday, April 25, 2010

Joey Yung, Chrissie Chau Are Attention Objects To 'After 90s' Girls

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Chrissie Chau, Joey Yung, and Angelababy became attention objects to young girls in Hong Kong. Lately YMCA held a survey about quality of young girls' charm. Out of 1821 participants, girls from middle school to high school said people they paid attention to the past 6 months through the media are mostly artistes (45.5%) then models (21.9%). Also, female objects that normal "after 90s" (people born after 1990) girls will pay attention to are Chrissie Chau, Angelababy, and Joey Yung.

Report pointed out some girls think Chrissie has high EQ and is optimistic and bold. Chrissie said: "I'm happy students don't only look at my appearance, but also look at my inner beauty. I'll continue to work hard, hope everyone can appreciate my good points besides my look." She disclosed she will go to Monte Carlo to shoot photos for her new photo album: "They have topless beaches there. (Will you swim in nude?) We'll see when we get there, if there's no Hong Kongnese then it's ok"

As for being the attention object for "after 90s" girls, Joey said: "I'm very happy. I thought only after 80s concern about me, didn't think after 90s also pay attention to me. I'll try even harder, hope to expand myself to children's market, sweep everything, yeah!"


personally i dont think joey should be surprised that not many 90s kids pay attention to her ^^ ive been a fan of Joey ever since her debut back in 1999! omgosh.......!

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