Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wong Cho Lam Has No Intention To Humiliate Religion

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: KAY

"King of Catering Awards" was held yesterday and performing artistes all attended to the blessing ceremony, including Carol Cheng, Elanne Kong, and Wong Cho Lam, etc.

Wong Cho Lam's "Fun With Liza and Gods" received high ratings again (average 30 points) and he felt very happy. Asked will they film more episodes? He said he kind of want to but won't do all 26 episodes in the roll, because they have to portray too many people in the first 13 episodes, afraid viewers might lost interest and they won't have any other characters to portray. They're thinking resume the show again after a while. As for he was complained about portraying women, he expressed it's helpless. He admitted he portrayed women too often. Friends all say after he dressed up as a woman, he turned into their moms because he looks just like their moms. As for some people say him portraying Sammi is humiliating church and religion, Cho Lam said he's also a Christian himself, and definitely has no intention to humiliate religion. He edited some lyrics because Sammi did cured depression after becoming a Christian. He stressed that he loves God, too, and hope viewers can understand.


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