Friday, April 16, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin Is Now A Host

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

Child star Xiao Xiao Bin leveled up as a host now. Yesterday he went to film episodes of variety show "Children Are Very Busy" (小孩很忙). Nicknamed ""Little Apple," he has only two lines "Everybody please pay attention" and "Lucky Being," but he couldn't catch Tseng Kuo Cheng's order often and they NG a lot. Whenever he's on a break, Xiao Xiao Bin would relax play PSP and eat lots of candy.

"Children Are Very Busy" will air May 3rd. First time filming episodes for the show, Xiao Xiao Bin didn't understand the process much. But Tseng still protects him: "He's strong at understanding, organizing, and logic. He'll remember things right away, he's not a normal child."

An anti-Xiao Xiao Bin was formed lately, people think he's too mature at his age. Xiao Xiao Bin's father Wen Shao Yu expressed: "Things he's undergoing now I had the same experience in the past. We would respect this anti-force."


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