Monday, May 31, 2010

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang Are Companionate About Marriage

There are always rumors that Alex Fong and Stephy Tang are a couple in real life after filming together. Nearly 30 years old, it's said Alex intends to get married soon and lately invited his dad, Stephy, and a friend from Mainland to meet in W hotel. A magazine pointed out they're talking about a wedding in October.

Stephy replied on Weibo/Sina mini blog yesterday. The person in the picture is actually well-known Mainland artist Qi Zhilong (祁志龍), can't believe people mistaken him as wedding planner. She stressed: "I was introduced to Mr. Qi Zhilong by Alex, it's an honor that he intends to use me as a model in his latest collection, so before he left Hong Kong, we had a meet up in W hotel and discussed about related business. Able to become the model of China's well-known artist, of course it's very anticipating! In a good mood of course! Getting married? It's too early! Haha!" She advised fans don't waste money to buy untrue story to read, she wrote: "Twelve dollars is enough for two African children to spend one day."

Alex expressed Qi said there's a chance he might draw males the first time, so friends advised why not draw him and Stephy's face on the same drawing, many people might want to buy it. Alex accepted this suggestion and expressed he began to save money now.

In fact, Stephy's reply to marriage seems to make her relationship with Alex even closer, does it mean the two plans to get married but just not in the near future?

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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