Saturday, May 8, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 7

Overall it's an average episode, it's sad that Sat In The City ends in this episode :-(

 The 3 Gods continue to impersonate classic characters from TV series. First we have Johnson Lee as Chow Yun Fat's character in 上海灘. They replaced the gun with blow dryer and the funny part is where Johnson blows off that guy's wig LOL
Then we have Louis Yuen as Dae Jang Geum. I think the "My Father, My Mother" is quite funny HAHA!
Lastly we have Wong Cho Lam as Chung King Fai in "A Fistful of Stances." Honestly, OMG!! He did a very good job, especially mimicking Chung Sir's voice!! At least 85% alike! Close to 98%!

Gag Father this week is OK, the first one is not really a typical joke, the second one is the usual 'lan gag'
I like Raymond Lam, in my opinion he's the only TVB actor that can consider to be a SINGER; he is good and smooth. Liza Wang just...couldn't handle high pitch, she would be off-key by then.
 The climax in the entertainment reporting show is Da X meeting Michelle Lo! They really are look-a-likes! Da X gave Michelle 2 pairs of chopsticks, signifying they're chopsticks sisters haha!
Then Sat in The City airport version! Nothing to mock, but more like a farewell segment. Sayonara yo!
Then Fookies aka Cookies! The 3 Gods totally caught Stephy, Theresa, and Kary's characteristics and exaggerated them LOL. And they sang “心急人上”, can't believe I knew it......I didn't know it was by Cookies, or perhaps I just forgot, it has been a long time.....
Introducing EEG new singer Alex Hung Kit (洪杰). He impersonated William So in the impersonating segment. He did a good job, voice and gestures. He's the one who did a good job overall since the show started. Without the wig, he gives me a Khalil Fong feeling.
In the end....OH GOSH Liza singing again. She wore the Nefertiti-inspired hat again (it looks Nefertiti to me LOL). This time singing a Mandarin song, and I think it's better than Cantonese songs..still a little out-of-tune when she reached high notes.


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