Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fan Zhi Wei Refuses To Apologize To Cyndi Wang In Person

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

CTV's new idol drama "就是要香戀" went to Vietnam to shoot opening and final scenes. Fan Zhi Wei, who started the whole "first night" virginity chaos, made his first public appearance to the media. He said he apologizes for disrespecting women, but refused to apologize to ex-girlfriend Cyndi Wang in person.

Reporters asked him the why? Within the 8 minute interview, he stressed 5 times that "at this moment, I have to do well in current projects." He also said it was until Mother's Day that he finally realized "the greatness of women being able to produce lives." He is willing to apologize to women around the world.

His attitude was humble and he seemed remorseful. He put his head down and closed his eyes when he was answering questions. It seemed like he was reading scripts and someone asked him: "Are you reading off from scripts?"

Fan pretended he didn't hear anything and continue to repeat what he said previously. Then he said: "In the past, my personality is too straightforward. Answering to all sorts of question is my weakness, I didn't expose anything. Hope I can have a chance to explain and apologize."

He only replied to questions he wanted to reply. Then he left earlier with the help of the crew. After reporters waited outside for 58 minutes, Fan showed up again but still refused to apologize to Cyndi in person.

Later he said: "I apologized to her in my first public apologizing letter. I just hope outsiders would give me a fair opportunity to view me again, it's also okay too do it through dramas." As for did he go to see a psychiatrist due to emotional problems, Fan just posed a X on his mouth with his fingers and left in a hurry.


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