Saturday, June 5, 2010

[Feature] TVB's 'Green Leaf' Actors - Supporting Actors Version Part 1

You've seen these actors in many series, but you just can't recall their names...or do you even know their names? In this special feature, Kay introduces you these "green leaf actors" (minor characters who always appear in different series), because they really do deserve some applause from us. Without them, how can the leads seem important and starry?

 Supporting Actors Version Part 1

Ram Chiang Chi Kwong 蔣志光
I'm sure you've seen him in many series before, often plays homosexuals, little man, and humorous characters. Remember the devoted "bo gong gong" in "Beyond The Realm of Conscience"? The funny detective in "To Catch The Uncatchables"? A timid husband in "A Watchdog's Tale"? What about James in "War of Genders"? He adds humor to the series he's in, a very likable actor.

Lee Kwok Lun 李國麟
Now 56-years-old, Lee Kwok Lun has been working for TVB for 34 years! He is those flexible actors, who can play different types of characters, but he plays villains in the past mostly. In the past 10 years, he's more known as a lawyer in "War of Genders" (2000), Man Kwai Fei's brother in "Virtues of Harmony" (2001-2003), an evil general Ma in "Beyond The Realm of Conscience" (2009), an introvert who craves father's attention in "A Watchdog's Tale" (2010). Of course he's in man other series like "Square Peggs," "Gentle Crackdown," "The Academy," "Moonlight Resonance," and many more, you name it, you see him all year long I'm sure.

Ricky Wong Chun Tong 王俊棠
He looks like those typical bad, rude, gang guys, isn't he? Indeed, he played many villains like gang leader in "Revolving Doors of Vengeance," different "dai lohs" in "Armed Actions" series, but those villains are nothing compared to the Tunmen rapist he played in 1994, it was surprising to see him play those roles! Besides playing bad guys, he's not restricted to good and positive roles like police in "Fly With Me," firefighter in "Burning Flames" series, and bodyguard in "The Stew of Life," etc. He made his debut back in 1985 and has been working for TVB for more than 10 years. Now 52 years old, he is definitely one of those memorable supporting minor characters in series.


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