Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Over Between Juno Mak and Gillian Chung

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY

Juno Mak, 2R, Shirley Kwan, Kenny Wong etc attended to Undercover's perfume party yesterday. As Gillian Chung's rumored boyfriend, Juno announced their "split." He exposed he's currently dating model Janine, who has rumors with him after filming MV together. Juno said girlfriend is at the party, too, but they arrived at a different time: "We're dating right now, after we discussed, we decided to publicize rather than keeping it as a secret, she's a model, not an artiste, plus I'm 26, it's normal to date, don't mind what others' said. We just started, we don't want to hide, willing to share it with the media." He expressed that he doesn't rule out watching Gillian's new film with girlfriend, because he would support good friend's work and movie.

As for 2R's Race, who wore a black transparent pants, said she wore safety pants, she won't go that wild: "If I didn't take precaution, boyfriend would yell at me. Been in the showbiz for this long, my sister and I never expose accidentally. Company said we're queen of precaution, even wearing things underneath T-shirt." As for being said that she did plastic surgery, she denied: "My nose is always like this, I'll be afraid if I did plastic surgery, I didn't do it and I'm happy, because that means I'm prettier."


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