Monday, May 10, 2010

Mandy Cho's Husband Asks To Have 4 Children

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Mandy Cho attended to a charity event press conference yesterday. She will married businessman Jacky Cheung Ka Kit at the end of the year of early 2011. Asked did she book wedding dinner yet? She said: "We didn't pick the date. We would only hold about 10-ish tables, shouldn't be that hard." She would invite friends and family to come. There won't be any games to play the groom. In order to be be environmental friendly, she said: "Won't eat shark-fin in wedding dinner!" As for wedding photos, Mandy said a wedding company would sponsor but she doesn't want to make it like an advertisement. Plus her fiance is not in the showbiz, he's a little shy and doesn't want to make it high-profile, so she would try to be as low-profile as possible.

Mandy said she and fiance both like children so she won't take contraception after marriage. She said: "He wants me to give birth to 4 babies, but I think 1 boy and 1 girl are enough." She expressed she won't retire from showbiz after getting married: "I enjoy my work. My management contract with TVB ended and now we're discussing forms of cooperation. Jacky doesn't mind that I'd continue to work, as long as I'm in good health and safe, because he knows that I don't drive safely!"

Priscilla Chi would be Mandy's bridesmaid. She said she envies Mandy found a right man. Her contract with ATV would end in September. Because she's in too many shows already, so ATV is cutting her jobs and that caused her exposure and income to decline.


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