Monday, May 10, 2010

Miriam Yeung Denies Having A Miscarriage, Rages Someone Is Blacke-hearted

Source: Singtao
Translated by: KAY

Rumors of Miriam Yeung had a miscarriage was circulating. It's known Miriam said in her Weibo/Sina Mini blog on Thursday (May 6): "I'm really feeling pain, very sad, I cry all the time, when it's the saddest time, I don't cry. But when I closed my eyes and sleep, my tears fell automatically, my heart is in pain that I can't breathe..." Some reports guessed Miriam was crying for having a miscarriage.

But Miriam immediately denied having a miscarriage on Sina Mini Blog. She said: "Everyone please don't worry. No need to call and ask. Never got pregnant, where does miscarriage come from? Can't believe a Weibo status became an excuse for being black-hearted and scared my family. I suggest them to reflect themselves completely, and to fast, in order to make up what they wrote!"


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