Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moses Chan Is Disappointed At The Revised Balloon Sitting Game

"Fly With Me" actors Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Queenie Chu, and Raymond Cho, etc. went to film new episode of "Super Trio Game Master." The controversial balloon sitting game was revised to male and male, female to female.  Ada expressed to be happy: "We can play it with less worry." But Moses felt disappointed: "Besides same sex repels, it's easy to get hurt. f there's a chance to get hurt, of course it's better to play with females. Now it's male to male, I'm disappointed."

Ada wore two shirts and pants to prevent exposing. Last time during promotion, she hurt her nose accidentally, would she be more careful this time playing games? Ada said: "It's worthy even if I got hurt, because there are prizes, and they give away cars too!" Said she's greedy, Ada joked: "I have a car on my own, but it would be lucky if the car is given by others, I would be happier too." Talked about the game where females have to explode balloons with their chests, Ada joked she's not worried about her chest: "I'm confident in myself, in contrast I'm worried about my back. I have to give birth in the future, but as a superwoman, of course I see difficult movement as nothing!"

In the balloon sitting part, Raymond's bottom area accidentally hit King Kong's elbow. Fortunately he didn't get hurt, and he joked: "Bottom part got hit, but didn't hurt the real thing. I have a child already, now there is only one use." Asked would he try it later when he got home, he said: "It would be too late when I got home, let me try to pee first!" He agreed with Moses that it would be more fun to play with opposite sex.

Queenie said she has been watching "Super Trio" series before entering the showbiz. Now she finally got to play and she said: "I took precaution already. It's not good to children if my pants fell off during the game."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ 


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