Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 6

By far my favorite episode!

The 3 gods continued to portray classic characters from notable shows. Wong Cho Lam appeared first as 4 Nai Nai (四奶奶) aka Sheren Tang from "Rosy Business" (巾幗梟雄) and talked about Hong Kong "chung lui" (中女). Here in the picture he's reading off a list of single "chung lui" in the industry.
Then Johnson Lee is next as Wing Dek (榮德) from "A Fistful of Stances" (鐵馬尋橋). It was amazing! He totally did a good job in speaking the way Wing Dek did in the series. Funny indeed. Selena Li and Angela Chiang were who they are from the series. Wing Dek was more attention-grabbing LOL.
Lastly we have Dai Kai aka Lee Si Kei from "Heart of Greed" (溏心風暴)! Louis Yuen was portraying one of the classic scenes from HOG, where Lee Si Kei was judging Susanna Kwan at home. Louis did a humorous twist to all Lee Si Kei's famous phrases, such as the one in picture. It was supposed to be "未登天子位,先置殺人刀." But here it was about farting a murderous fart!
This part (Sat in the City) was hilarious!!! They showed up in these awesome outfit. Cho Lam in SM GaGa style, Johnson as leopard cat, and Louis....ROFL!!! He even hid two ice cream cones inside those long cones! Take a look here:
The joke in Gag Father was a pretty normal one---it came from a song: Beyond's "Really Love You" (真的愛你)

Then Denise Ho appeared and sang "On Top of The World" with Liza. The entertainment show was about Lisa S & Daniel Wu getting married in South Africa. The kissing was funny.

I have no comment to whoever is portraying other stars.

At the very end, Liza sang a "classic golden song" but to be honest, she couldn't pull of Faye Wong's song. Liza was singing the theme song from her series "The Awakening Story" (婚前昏後) but when she reached high pitches, just failed. Hoarse voice and almost out of tune.


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