Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Spoiler] Latest of Idol Drama 'P.S. Man' and 'Down With Love' (05/02/2010)

P.S. Man 偷心大聖PS男
Sonia Sui gave her first slap in the showbiz to Blue Lan. It was so hard that she left a red mark of 5 fingers on Blue's face. But it's okay because later he went to film kissing scene with Bianca Bai in the church. This scene is about Bianca took the initiative to kiss Blue when he wasn't aware. She didn't know how to do it and caused many NGs. It was almost 60 minutes and she still couldn't do it right. Fortunately Blue taught her some techniques and finally they finished filming. Blue said: "Bianca is quite kissable, very soft, very juicy." Bianca got shy and said: "Don't be like that, I'll be shy."
Down With Love 就想賴著你
During the filming of behind-the-scene special, Ella encouraged Jerry Yan to sit in the shopping cart. He refused initially: "No, it's too dangerous." Ella praised him after hearing that: "What a good man!" She joked that she will help Jerry to find a partner. Rarely go to the store, Jerry played with the magic mop and asked Ella: "Is this useful? I should buy one home and it can help my mom to mop the floor. My mom is hardworking." Ella then said: "It would be better if you hire a maid."

Personal Note: I like Jerry in that pic :P


Wow Jerry is so cute on that cart hahaha
Thanks for sharing the translation.

yup XD Ella looks like she's having some fun LOL

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