Saturday, May 15, 2010

[Review] Fun With Liza and Gods Episode 8

 搵乸 .aka.Wyners: Why didn't they tell the audience who the other two people were? Anyways it was pretty good :) They definitely captured the gestures and emotions of real band members.
Miriam Yeung & Liza Wang: It went so smoothly then suddenly Liza sang her part x____x modern singing vs. old style singing. I noticed she has this lil accent and can't sing smoothly whenever she sings. Look at Liza's emotion here, i wanna caption it as: "Dang, I don't sing as well as Miriam."
 Entertainment Report: They unveiled the secrets and identity of Hungry & Handelababy from Sat In The City. They continue to tease Johnson Lee, saying Hungry is dating him. Handelababy shows viewers how to build her/his feminine look. I like how two Handelababies are on the same screen XD
*NEW* Kids In The City: kid version of Sat in the city!!! Johnson really did look like Harry Potter! Which character was Louis in? He looks so much like a kid! Cho Lam as Maruko-chan....Littlebaby haha!

Liza's song of the week: When Louis Yuen said she's going sing to sing Faye Wong's "I'm Willing" (我願意), I went....I AM NOT WILLING!! LOL. But I think after being criticized for so many times, she strove for improvements and this time, it's a lil better

*NEW* Elders in Senior Center: new segment! featuring Christine Kuo as a pretty nurse. Those "old men"...LOL i like their tricks, you expect something great, then it turned out they're just dumb ones XD like the one above, Cho Lam performing an awesome magic trick....

Classic Characters: Bao Gong by Louis, Chilam Cheung by Cho Lam, Leon Lai by Johnson

Artistes Impersonating: William Chan as Aaron Kwok, no doubt William rocks in dancing *thumbs up*


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