Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jiro Wang Exposes Admiration, Cheryl Yang: Really?

Source: UDN
Translated by: KAY

 Jacky Wu returned to hosting in the 8PM spot on Saturdays, partnering with Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jiro Wang, and Frankie Huang Deng Hui in new show "綜藝大國民" (Zong Yi Da Guo Ming).

Jacky is known for being talkative, Zax said: "I'm afraid I'll become part of the audience, just have to keep laughing and it's all good." First time hosting, Jiro even said: "I'm in fact guests." As for exposing that he admires Cheryl Yang in his new book, after Jiro heard she has a boyfriend and it's Da Mouth's Harry Chang, he had a surprising look on his face and tried to calm down: "Then welcome the two to come to our show."

Cheryl attended to an event yesterday. As for Jiro's admiration, she kept on asking "Really?" and she replied: "He's a very talented person." Even she was asked about whether good friend Elva Hsiao is dating Nick Chou: "Everyone is good friends, no need to have too much guesses."

First time filming idol drama "In Love With Anchorwoman" in Mainland, Cheryl will have many scenes with Korean star Jang Hyuk. One speaks Chinese and the other speaks Korean, they can only interact using eye expression.


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