Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sherry Chen to Meet Her Mr. Right After Six Years

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Sherry Chen attended to "June Birthdays" yesterday. Turning 27 on June 21st, she disclosed her birthday wish is family is in good health, go smoothly at work, and lots of 'peach blossoms.' She is in the show "民峰學院" and master So Man Fung said she won't get married before this year's birthday, will have real 'blossom' (love) after six years. Sherry joked: "Not even 20 days left, it's too late, even if I want lightning marriages, have to know that person for at least two months. I can still wait for the real blossom after six years." In fact she did what master So said, setting a peach blossom spell at home, hoping to first provoke viewers affinity.

As for Cha Cha Chan, whose birthday is on June 14, was spotted on a date a jewelry businessman in a celebrity occasion. Asked whether she's ready to become a married woman, she smiled and said: "You see that I'm still here for the birthday event, that means I'm not becoming a married woman" But she disclosed she is doing good with her boyfriend right now.


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