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Stephen Chan Sees Mona Fong As His Closest Person In The World

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @

This year on March 11, TVB GM Stephen Chan and other four people are arrested by ICAC due to suspicious of bribery, shocking the showbiz. From the start of the incident to now has been hundred days, Stephen finally broke his silence and accepted an interview from Oriental Daily, describing his feelings throughout the period when he was arrested, plus his relationship with Mona Fong.

Before the incident, Stephen was in a important position in TVB. Besides having says in many things, he is also entrusted and loved by TVB's chairman Mona Fong. But after the incident happened, everything went away from him. It's even rumored it's actually TVB who reported to ICAC, even Mona knew it. For him, he actually didn't feel he's in the bottom of life, he said: "This incident is not in the bottom of life, until this minute and in the future, to me death of my parents is at the bottom, my parents have the greatest impact to my growth."

He continued: "I treat this ICAC incident normally, just like I told everyone in the press conference, you always meet some changes in life, making you feel confused, but don't panic, don't get nervous. I'm very thankful, parents' teaching gave me a positive attitude in life. If this incident happened before my parents passed away, I would worry my parents the most. Although I miss them very much, but I'm thankful this incident happened after they are gone.
Nothing to Care Is Actually a Blessing

Since his parents left, to Stephen, whether it's at work or at private life, the closet person is Mona Fong. After he was arrested, Stephen was once requested to fill an emergency contact person. He thought for a while, and put Mona's name down.

He said: "My parents aren't here. If I have to put a friend down, who should I put? Will they like that you put their names down? I really couldn't think of any. At that moment, the only person I thought of is Ms. Fong. In private, she is an elder I respect a lot. At work, she is a good boss. I think she wouldn't mind if I put her name down. (Treat her as your relative? Like mom?) I don't dare to think like that. I pay respect to her in my heart, I would treat her like a family member, elder, and friend forever. She experienced many things, has a rich life experiences, she has a understanding on me, she even knows how many friends I have."

When the incident happened, it's hard to avoid feeling upset without any family members with him, but Stephen still faced it: "Actually I know about this. Last time when I went to film a special series in North Pole, there was a spot where it didn't receive any signal, like separating from the rest of the world. At that moment I actually felt it's a blessing, because I don't have anything to care about, no parents to care about. At this stage, I don't feel sad, just in reality have to consider finding someone, first would consider whether that person would mind or not, this consideration is more than everything else."
Negative VS Positive

"In fact until now I don't think this incident is a strike to me, just part of life experiences. Don't think falling from sky to the ground. I always have a belief and remind myself, sometimes there are two types of friends whom you met at work, one is friends you associated with work, the other is confidant. Sometimes if you are in the position, your friends are still there. When you're not in the position anymore, they won't find you again. I always remind myself, otherwise you feel very upset. When you're not retiring, remind yourself you are retiring. When you're dead yet, remind yourself you're going to die. This is not pessimistic, I look at it very positively, when you're not in the position anymore you won't feel too bad. So did I become a nobody from being loved by everyone? Not really, in contrast I still feel loved. When I went to get my phone card at ICAC, I read so many messages. While walking on the streets, many residents expressed their support, they all touched me a lot."

The most memorable moment he had is once meeting an elder woman in a mall. She walked out from the elevator and he's about to walk in. The woman held his hands. Just like Romeo and Juliet, the elder woman gave him many support, making him feel very thankful, thinking the love he received at that moment is more than before. Because an incident happened, letting everyone to express his/her love.

Stephen is always sensible. After the incident, he once couldn't hold his tears, but he stressed those tears are thankful tears: "Feeling care and support from friends, of course there are some people whom I was very closed with but treat me as they don't know me, but this percentage is low, making me very thankful."


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