Friday, June 25, 2010

Elanne Kong Is Busy Filming Series, Puts New Song Online

Source: Takungpao

Elanne Kong accepted interview from commercial radio yesterday to promote her new song "BaBaYa." She expressed lately she's been filming series. But it was canceled earlier because of rain, letting her have an extra day off to promote new song and have time to rest at home; she slept 10+ hours in total.

Elanne expressed besides busy filming series, she would film new movie in July, and also filming a series for CCTV. She would first go to Thailand to film movie "Perfect Fairytale" (完美童話). She is working with Lau Chin Wan this time. Although political situation in Thailand isn't stable, but she isn't worried. She said Square is currently in Thailand, but they still go out to the streets and have fun, so there shouldn't be a big problem.

Because she has to film series, Elanne put her song "BaBaYa" on YouTube to promote. It actually generated warm response; now about 7000 people viewed it already. Her look in her song is different than her usual feminine looks and she specially went to S.Korea to learn dancing. Asked why she doesn't go for the sexy route? She joked everyday she opens the newspaper, already see many people dressing sexily, so she doesn't need to be like them.

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