Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tavia Yeung Wants 'Mysteries of Love' to Have a Sequel

TVB series "Mysteries of Love" is always accused of copying "Galileo" and other Japanese dramas, even netizens got together and criticize, but its ratings has been  getting higher and higher. Yesterday actors from the series held a celebraton event yesterday. "MOL" aired its 2-hr finale last week and has 38 points of ratings, highest peaking 40 points. TVB even arranged to re-run "Galileo" at midnight on Sundays. Tavia joked: "Really? I don't know, let me take a look!"

Tavia is satisfied with the ratings, and hoping to film a sequel. Asked whether they're afraid re-running "Galileo" will let viewers discover more similar scenes, Raymond Lam said: "Actually last year when we were filming it, many actors already know these types of comparison would appear, so everyone spent lots of work on his/her character, after viewers watch it they would know the difference."

In addition, asked whether Raymond gave Virginia Lok a birthday gift, he said: "Actually I never gave a gift every year, it's always I'm present but not the gift. (Still sensitive about giving gifts?) No, need to think about what gift to give. Saying this in an old-fashioned way, doing well in my concert is the best birthday gift, because Ms. Lok and Ng Yu put many effort to my concert."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 


I totally agreed that a lot of dramas will have "some similarities" but as long the respective actor/actress act differently by giving a good impression / feeling to the audiences then it's good enuff. The peak ratings of 40 points is the fact of this being a successful drama.

I highly hope that there will be a sequel for this drama as the marriage of physics & investigation is surpisingly interesting. However, hope TVB DO NOT change the main 4 casts (Tavia & Raymond and Kenneth & Bernice) by having DEATH at the start like earlier Linda Chung (as Ding Ding in DForensic Heroes) . Should create a more bombastic happy ending in the sequel as well otherwise will give disappointment to the audiences.

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