Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Theresa Fu Goes to Korea Alone to Learn to Dance

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Earlier Theresa Fu invited well-known Korean dance teacher Jun Hong Bok to Hong Kong to teach her dancing. After just one week, she couldn't wait and flied to Korean lately to meet him again. Theresa said she rushed to Korea is because she was tempted--- Jun's translator lured her to buy clothes in Korea. In order to prepare for promotional clothes, so she asked for a 5-day vacation to Korea, buying dancing clothes and learn more moves.

This time she went to Korea alone, her teacher came to pick her up at the airport. Besides giving her comments in dancing, he also suggested her dance clothes should expose her long legs and collarbone to have sexy feelings. When the dance studio is empty, he also made up dance lessons  for free and promised to choreograph for her if she's filming MV. As for teacher's support regardless of profit, asked Theresa whether there's a chance to develop a romantic relationship? She joked it's too sensitive to reply to this question at the current stage. So far their communication has to rely on the translator, if they want to develop a relationship, first must overcome the language barrier. Theresa admits having good feelings in guys with small eyes.


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