Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Xiao S Can't Cover Her Breasts, Treats Harlem Yu As Bra

Source: China Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Xiao S has a special way of greeting handsome guys in "Kangxi Lai Le." This time hosting "Golden Bell Awards," in order for best result, if she's not careful, her breasts can pop out at any time, and can only ask partner Harlem Yu to hide for her: "If that's the case, then breasts are Harlem's Father's Day present!"

Xiao S said: "Yesterday I was practicing with Harlem, my outfit was very tight and had to change clothes in the shortest time, but half of my bra was exposed. Between two minute and a half and five minutes is the key. Audience who wants to  take a look should pay attention to these time spots." She seemed to be relaxed when saying this, but in fact she's very nervous: "I think before this performance, I would definitely go blank, because lots of pressure, really hope this is just the opening and get over it."

The two went to costume fitting for Golden Bell. Xiao S talked about breasts, Harlem also exposed his keloidal scar. He said he's very stressed about hosting Golden Bell that he got a cold twice. Xiao S also said she keeps having pimples near her mouth. The two said: "Rotten mouth, no voice, this is pretty special!" Xiao S wore 30 million worth jewelry and Harlem wore 26 million worth ring. He teased Xiao S: "It's rare for she to wear properly!"


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