Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ady An Treats Rape Scenes as Giving Birth

Ady An returned to Taiwan to promote new drama 「鎖清秋」("Four Women Conflict," or "Suo Qing Qiu"). In this drama, she would play a misfortune rich daughter. Her family went downhill already and she has be raped. Ady already filmed 6 or 7 dramas that have rape scenes. She teased herself: "I'm the rape queen!"

Although she is experienced, but she said filming rape scene for "Suo Qing Qiu" is the hardest. Ady said, director just told her: "Must let viewers know right away you're raped." She thought for very long and in the end she finished with one shot. She said: "Just treat it like giving birth."

Ady came back to promote new film, Xiao Xiao Bin, who played her son in "Autumn's Concerto," came to support her along with his younger brother. They even did push-ups and sit-ups at the event! Xiao Xiao Bin has a high chance of being nominated in Golden Bell Awards. Ady said she hopes to walk the red carpet with Vanness Wu to recreate the family scene from "Autumn's Concerto."

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


hope see can really walk down the red carpet with Vanness... Miss seeing them 2gthr

Hope Ady and Vanness Wu film another romantic movie again..Sweet Couple ;)

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