Friday, November 5, 2010

Miss Chinese International 2010 Results


Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 was held in Tianjin last night. The 24 contestants were dressed in sexy evening furred dress, many of them had a boost-in-chest effect, very eye catching. Among them, #6 Toby Chan (HK), #11 Maisie Tran (Montreal), #16 (Melanie Lu) and #18 Cindy Chang (Toronto) were the sexiest. During the questioning part, #14 Cynthia Vuong (Seattle) had stage fright and repeated "I Hope" 5 times and still couldn't answer the question. The MC, Carol Cheng had to help her explain.

During the swimwear part, Liu Xuan led the contestants out and announced that #5 Lu Bai (Foshan) won "Miss Friendship" and #7 Belle Theng (Kuala Lumpur) won "Miss Oriental Charm".

The guest judge Sonjia Kwok dressed carefully, wearing a sexy deep V long dress, stealing Kate Tsui's black slanted dress. The two were once rumored to be on bad terms, but last night they generously took a photo together, revealing their good friendship. Raymond Lam and Leo Ku were the guest performers.

Miss Chinese International 2010: Eliza Sam (Vancouver, Canada) (#19)
1st Runner Up: Belle Theng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) (#7)
2nd Runner Up: Candy Chang (Toronto, Canada) (#18)

Miss Friendship: Lu Bai (Foshan, China) (#5)
Miss Oriental Charm: Belle Theng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) ( #7)

Source: Mingpao / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


I saw the show live on TV and found it to be a rather shallow, and silly way of choosing the queen.

Final two contestants 'battle' it out on one 'speech'!!.. crazy.

No 7 Belle Theng certainly did better than No 19 Eliza Sam, the latter can't speak canto properly, can't express herself so well, but she won on emotions, she gets sympathy votes. And that decides Ms Chinese Int'l

Those Hongkie judges are biased, and no standard.

The pageant should be renamed 'Ms Courageous' or 'Ms Never-Give-Up' because Eliza won by telling the judges that she is determined, she started learning to speak Cantonese in the last year, she persevered to learn despite the slim chance, and she cried, and for that she won!

She wasn't even able to use up her allotted time, because after that she has nothing to say.

Hahahahahahaha, that is purely a 'pity her' vote.

not like we will remember it's just a show. You don't need to speak Canto well since it's Miss CHINESE INTERNATIONAL, not HK.

Exactly. How can they have the last two battle it out with just ONE last speech like that? It's so low class and certainly bring down this year's MCI

Kay, you're right, but its not just canto that she can't speak, its any chinese, thats Mandarin or putonghua as well.

Even tho there's no official need to be able to speak chinese, yet all winners of past years can and do speak the language!

Why? because its an unwritten rule by the judges, or those who do can relate to the judges better.

^oh i see.....(i didnt watch the show), then its definitely a big no no to her. that sucks...the criteria is always not clear

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