Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cyndi Wang Plays Jing Chang's Lady, Pole Dances Casually

Source: Taiwan Next Magazine / Translated by: KAY @

After being hurt by Fan Zhi Wei, Cyndi Wang hasn't accept any new jobs besides the ones that she already promised to do. After a month, Cyndi accepted her first job in low-profile and it's Jing Chang Yun Jing's MV female lead for her new song <<愛情選項>>. After her break-up with Fan Zhi Wei, she rather plays a lesbian character in MV, also proving Jing is appealing to women.
On June 23 around 10AM, Cyndi appeared at a park in a cute and lively outfit. Wearing a pair of high heel sneakers, she was actually filming MV for Jing's new single <<愛情選項>>. Although this song is from Jing's new album "The Opposite Me," but its lyrics seem to describe Cyndi's inner world: "Seperate or forgive, should wait, or let go...true heart or facade, should trust or lie, happy or get hurt, should share or pretend, I choose, but so what," it really fits her feelings of after being used by Fan Zhi Wei earlier. Maybe that's why although Cyndi hasn't duet with Jing yet, but is willing to be his MV lead to perform lesbian love scenes.
During filming, Cyndi got high suddenly, holding the lightpole on the streets, raised her thigh and started to pole dance, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot. After her pole dance show, she sat back next to Jing. From the scene, the two purposely tried to pretend they're not close with each other.


...Taiwan Next Magazine really likes to distort the real news...

this MV really isn't anything related to what this article is reporting T_T

Cyndi "got high suddenly"? As in she was on drugs?

can't wait to see this MV ^.^

LOL w/o exaggerating, no sales rite? HEHE

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