Friday, July 2, 2010

Ella Koon is 31-years-old and doesn't want to get married yet

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Ella Koon and Christine Kou appeared in Tuen Mun yesterday to promote TVB's new travel program "Okinawa Blues." Turning 31 years old, Ella talked about her birthday and release of new album are next week, so it's very meaningful to her. Her birthday wish is to sing more good songs and hold her personal concert. Asked whether she wants boyfriend to give her a ring? Ella said she still doesn't want to get married yet, she said: "Can't receive rings randomly, there is a meaning of promise, now I'm in a period of working hard, and also I'm not ready, but we are dating seriously." On the other hand, people around her are very worried about marriage for her, they keep asking her when would she get married and have kids.

Christine exposed she was in a fat period when filming for the show, but she had to wear swimsuit and be in the hot spring in front of the camera. She joked her fat look is finally exposing to the public, giving her lots of stress. Fortunately she doesn't have to show off skin with Ella, otherwise there would be a big comparison. But she got along well with Ella during work. They're both Cancer and their birthdays are several days apart, so they became friends.


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