Friday, July 2, 2010

Fala Chen Is Now A Singer, Cries Happily

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @

Fala Che, Joyce Cheng, Jade Kwan and newcomer Ng Yuet Hei joined a newly established company Stars Shine International and they held a contract signing ceremony in yesterday's press conference. Sexily dressed Fala received support from TVB high executive Virginia Lok. When Fala talked about being a singer and missing her family, she was touched and tears dropped, becoming the focus immediately. Fala expressed joining a new company is a decision made by Miss Lok and TVB. Asked whether she asked boyfriend any opinion? She said: "I'm very independent at work, I also believe in my company (TVB)'s decision. (It's rumored new company belongs to your boyfriend?) Can't believe in rumors all the time, it's not other people's business. (Whether boyfriend invests to new company? Then you have to asked Herman who invested. I only met with Herman. (If found out boyfriend has a part?) Shouldn't be, work and personal matters are different. (Top star in new company?) Can't say that, I think Jade is more experienced in singing, everyone is on the same team, have to help each other, I have to ask help from her. (Boyfriend lost power?) Everyone please don't discuss, it would affect the company, besides he has a good relationship with his family, don't alienate them brothers."

In addition, talked about Jade's outfit and limelight both lost to Joyce and Fala's, Jade said: "There isn't who is the top in music, just want to make good music, everyone is a newcomer in the company. I've listened to Joyce's singing, her wedding dress idea is great, it's good Fala is the yat jeh. (Contract requirement?) More freedom, I told my husband that we would have kids next year, because I want to do well in my concert, if I'm pregnant then I can only release songs." Herman Ho disclosed new company isn't related to Fala's boyfriend; investor is a mysterious person outside the showbiz.


it's good Fala is the yat jeh => what does yat jeh mean ?

yat jeh..its kinda like fa dan in TVB, ure the number, the top in the company, something like that, i really need a better translation on that one lol

Jade and Joyce definitely has what it takes to be yat jeh. Fala...not so much.

Dear Anonymous:

i agree.....the theme song she sang for her drama, nothing special, dry.....

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