Monday, July 12, 2010

Fala Chen Changes Lyrics, Father Yells

Source: Singtao / Translated by: KAY @

Fala Chen just signed a record company, breaking into the music industry. Yesterday she went to Char Siu Yan's show and said boyfriend supports her 100%. Born in a music family, she joked she is a "music princess." However, she is often criticized by her father, who is a piano teacher, saying she has problems of singing out of tune. There is one time Fala forgot lyrics and she was yelled by her father. At a mall event, she performed Teresa Teng's song. Her father called her to ask how was her performance. She said because she forgot lyrics so she changed two words and no one noticed. The next her father yelled at her through e-mail, she said: "He said that my attitude is wrong. I shouldn't change other people's lyrics. It's disrespectful and not professional. Since then I become very cautious, don't dare to sing it wrong." As for Joyce Cheng and Jade Kwan, who are in the same record company with her, are fighting for the title of "yat jeh" (first sister), Fala joked can't she be "yat mui' (first younger sister).

In addition, Steven Ma was asked whether he hopes to win TV king with "Ghost Writer, he said: "I've been anticipating to win TV king for many years. (If you win, would you get married?) Decisions of all things won't relate to other matters. I have plans but let it be."


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