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Finally the lead after 14 years Raymond Wong: Just want to make a good show

Finally the lead after 14 years Raymond Wong: Just want to make a good show

In the past, Raymond Wong is usually in movies or guest staring in series and then turned to 'second male lead' roles. Recently he got to get the taste of a leading role, partnering up with Kent Cheng in their new series as father-son. Have been in the industry for 14 years, he never thought about rising to be the leading role, nor is he desperate for an award, not forcing anything. He said: "I just hope that the role I was in, 10 years later people still remember."

In the new series , Raymond and Kent play father and son, the two have completely different personalities, Raymond is very confident of this 'father-son relationship' because even he was touched. "I knew Kent before, this time I really thank him because he taught me a lot, including how to read the script, how to face the camera, how to say my lines and other things in acting, he taught me a lot. Also, Ken likes to go on those online discussion forums and read responses from Netizens, he's influenced me too, I also go online now to look at the feedback. Perhaps many think people aren't responsible for what they say online, but actually the messages are directly from the audience. I feel that if it's 'okay', does the audience like it? This is a whole different story, currently every time I finish filming a series, I won't throw the script away because I want to review it."

Gradually waiting for the right timing

Raymond has been in the industry for 14 years, he first entered the industry when Johnnie To noticed him and invited him to participate in a movie. In the recent years, he started filming series, this time in , it can be considered his first series where he takes on the lead role. He said: "This is the first series since I've been in TVB that I have the most screen time. I haven't thought about too much, actually I'm really happy being able to work with Kent. Before in , we didn't have too many scenes opposite of each other, this time we have scenes together from beginning to end, really enjoy the process. Just like or , I have more screen time than before. Although I have always been the 'second male lead', but I never gave up. I've been in TVB for 3 years now, so far my jobs aren't little, just giving me some time to get adjusted. Others have to observe you, after all it is a large cooperation. Time is needed to develop a collaboration, currently I am starting the 'maturity stage', hope to have good results."

There are some artists who really work their way up trying to fight to the top, Raymond is not the type who has a competitive heart, giving others a feeling that he's a silent farm worker: "Every person is different, everything needs to be about timing. Can you handle it? If now you tell Raymond Wong to film a Hollywood movie, do you think it would work? To a certain extent, I feel quite comfortable now. Let TVB observe a little more, give a little more opportunities, to me it is a source of encouragement. I am not a person without hope, just I don't want to compete with others. Create something for myself, go down the path I created."

Don't want a "savage" child

Recently there are several TVB non-biological sons-daughter like Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang getting awards at the TVB anniversary, but Raymond can careless about awards. Last year, he got "Most Improved Male Actor", he also looked at it with a 'playing' attitude: "I actually hope that this year my own series can get an award, this award is too big for me to take myself. Filming is about team work, it's not done yourself, there must be a lot of other people accommodating for it to work. I am not keeping my hopes up. My previous roles, 10 years later people still remember, left a deep impression on them, the series I've done in the recent years, I have confidence for. By the end of the year I still have two more series that is yet to release, I have a desire that my roles will be remembered for some time."

In the recent months, Raymond has been accepting series after series, usually artists film 10 episodes per month, but within 1 year, Raymond has done 130 episodes, considered to be too over. At one point, he only had 1 hour of sleep per day, when he gets home, he's totally dead, but his wife is very understanding. Every night his wife would wait for him to come home and wouldn't complaint at all, even if they are losing their 'make baby' time. "I also do hope to have children, but for now I'm going to be busy until February next year. I'm afraid that I'll teach out a 'savage' child, really have to carefully teach children, so they can survive in society. The new generation is very vulnerable, they complain a lot. I have some friends who treat their children like 'Gods', kneeling down to feed their children. If the kids can't watch TV, then they won't eat. What I think is, then just don't eat! There is no right or wrong, the new generation is a good ride."

Source: Singtao / Translated by: aZnangel @


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