Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photobook Sales of 2010 Hong Kong Book Fair

(July 24)

Chrissie Chau "Chrissie Les Vacances d'Amour" - 25,000 copies

Angelababy "Paradise" - 20,000 copies

Yumi Wan "Yumi. form" - 20,000 copies

New 8 Models "Girls Look book Volume 2" - 14,800 copies

Carrie Lam "Carrie Me" - 10,000 copies

Carol Yeung "Huge" - 8,500 copies (July 22)

Donut "Summer Diary" - 9,000 copies

Renee Li "Renee" - 9,000 copies

DaDa Chan, Liz Lee, Ayu Wong "First Impression" - 7,000 Copies

Debby Tsang "Inside" - 9,000 copies

Christine Yeung Ding Ding "Fantasy" - 5,000 (July 22)

Jessica C. "Just Jessica" (no detail)

Theresa Fu "If You Were Me" & "about her" (no detail)


In her 17th years old, also she had a good sense of dressing, Emma already grow up as very interesting girl. Not only improved physically but also mature and great in speaking. There is no doubt anymore, Emma will be a great star in the future.

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