Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joey Yung Promises Won't Switch Record Company

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Joey Yung's 3D MV <<破相>> held a premier event yesterday. She is the first Hong Kong singer using 3D to film MV. She joked MV production fee costs several billion. Although she doesn't know how much is the production fee, but she she believes it's a lot. It's said her contract with EEG is almost over. Spending this much to film MV for her, whether EEG wants to renew her contract? Joey said: "Company always treat me very well. Since the day I debut, everything is given by my company. There are always new and good ideas every time I release an album. No one discussed about renewing contract with me, because it's not over in a short period. Even if it's over, no need to discuss. It will automatically renew. We are hooked with each other with a transparent thread. Anyways, as long as I'm still singing, I won't consider other companies."

If other companies give her a very good offer, she won't be persuaded? Joey said: "Won't consider at the moment. No other companies contacted me. I have feelings with my company, can't judge with money. It nurtured me, I should instead pay my company." It's rumored her company gave her a 40 million necklace for staying, and she required to kick Vincy Chan out as one of the contract renewal requirements? Joey denied all rumors, she said: "I never received necklaces that are this expensive. I don't even have a chance to wear them. If company really wants to give it to me, then instead why don't they just fulfill my dreams to promote as culture use."

Joey also denied wanting to kick Vincy out of the company. Is it because Vincy is not a big threat? She said: "I never agreed it's a good thing to step on someone to make yourself look better. We're a family, no conflicts. It's not good to say such thing. I'm afraid some girls would be upset to read such things." Worried Vincy would be unhappy reading this report? She admitted, saying Vincy would definitely be upset. She would talk to her if there is a chance; she doesn't want everyone to have misunderstandings.


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